This is the website of david j kemper, musician, composer, producer, arranger, sound-designer and sometime-scribbler of singularly-elusive make-believe half-truths. On the "b3r" page you'll find songs from my kinda-sorta band, Brahms' 3rd Racket. Choosing "wet work" will get you a veritable tuna casserole of oddball oddities - a handful of songs, a naughty ditty or two, some sound-tracky instrumentals, uncategorizables, undecipherables and various other rags and bones.


Oh, yeah...

If you are trying to get in touch with David Kemper, the famous drummer (Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia, etc., etc.) or David Kemper, that very posh-looking Australian film producer dude I never heard of, be advised I am not him/them. Do not send me headshots. Do not send me invitations to play drums on the Hawkwind reunion CD you are recording in your laundry room.